Mister Vélo

The love for road bikes was introduced from an early age. In the 80s I kept notebooks of the daily stages of the Tour de France and snapped photos from newspapers and magazines. During the summer holidays in the French Alps I encouraged our Dutch heroes. And still my heart burns when I see those cycling guys deliver their great effort.

In 2014 I bought my first old rusty racing bike. I sanded it to bare steel and painted it and finally built it up with nostalgic elements to a single speed bike. The ‘steel road bike passion’ was a fact and it became my way of life! So in the past few years I focused more and more on nostalgic racing bikes and learned a lot about racing technology.

Frequently I buy used items repair them and sell them to real racing bike enthusiasts who are sharing the same passion as I do. In the mean time more than 1,000 people ordered a vintage bike by Mister Vélo. People from all over Europe.

It is nice to see people happy with a recycled racing bike all with an unique story.

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